Welcome to fEAsT


We are a wonderfully friendly and welcoming sandwich shop in the heart of Worthing's shopping district. Located in Warwick Street we are ideally located for you to stop by and grab something yummy.

We pride ourselves on our speed of service coupled with our quality food. We are one of the most popular places in Worthing to stop and grab a sandwich or coffee. So next time you're in town, why not drop in, say hello and grab a bite.




If you haven't heard by now, We have a victory. Although Worthing council have forced us to remove the 'Feast Beast' sandwich mural, they have in an unexpected move, allowed us to move ahead with a new mural!

We are going to create a jungle scene above the shop, that will give the impression of the overgrown jungle taking back the building!

Stay tuned...



Customer comment of the week


"The Italian Club you recommended is the best sandwich I have ever


Only in Worthing......!